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My Name is
Campbell Lumbila
and I'm a
Speaker, Coach and Consultant.

I help Leaders Create and Lead Highly Engaged and Effective Teams so that they can Scale their Business without increasing the leader’s workload or stress.

If you’ve hit a wall in leading your team to scale your business and you don’t know EXACTLY how to help them improve and find that next gear in performance and results, how long do you think your business will survive the competition?

I've seen way too many leaders stressed, frustrated and even burnt-out because they couldn't figure out how to help their teams improve to find that next level of consistent results. These leaders feel like they are failing or don’t have what it takes to lead a successful team and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’ll teach and coach you on how to Scale your Leadership so that you can Lead your Team to Scale your Business Results WITHOUT adding to your workload or increasing your stress.


1. Invite me to Consult

My goal in consulting is simple: find out what's keeping your team from reaching it's full potential and adding to your bottom line. Then together, we come up with a customized strategy for you and team.

2. Invite me to Speak

I'll be upfront with you: I'm NOT a motivational speaker. I won't come in and give you some pithy sayings and get your team all worked up. There's plenty of that out there.

My goal in speaking is to provoke change in individual and team behavior so that you can scale your business. Oftentimes what stops teams from performing is obvious yet many do not know how to shift people's mentality to align with the overal organizational strategy. I can help you do that.

3. Join my Leadership Accelerator

Open only few times a year, the accelerator is an 8-week Online Group Coaching Program. Up until now I’ve been working with leaders in an offline environment and for the first time I’m bringing the entire experience online. The program is currently closed but you can join the waitlist.

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